Simple Shape – sweden


All length: ~138mm
Length without cup: ~130mm
Cup length: ~65mm
Diameter: ~15,5mm
Section diameter: ~12,0mm
All dimensions are approximate.
If you want to know the exact dimensions, write an e-mail.

Bock nib #6: EF, F, M, B
To select a nib, enter EF, F, M or B
in the comments field when ordering.

If you want, you can ask about gold, titanium or platinum nibs.
You can also check out my hand engraved nibs.

The colors visible in the photo may differ from their actual shades. They depend on the individual settings of the display on which you view these photos.

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The waiting time for the pen to be shipped can be up to 14 days.


The unique design allows you to satisfy the most demanding tastes.
The pen is made of german ebonite. There is a small ebonite ring between the cup and the body.

The fountain pen is equipped with an international ink converter with a nib and tip No. 6 by Bock.

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