You often ask me if I will send my pens to your country.
Of course.

I had the pleasure of sending pens to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and Japan.

Where are shipments sent from?
All shipments are sent in Poland (Europe – EU). Ordered feathers are carefully packaged so that they do not get damaged during their, often long, journey.

How long does the shipment take?
Shipments to the USA and Canada take about 2-4 weeks. Similarly, shipments to Asia. Shipments sent to countries in Europe are delivered in about 1-2 weeks. However, you must remember that these are approximate terms and are not the rule. For example, during the holiday season, shipments reach buyers much longer.

Is tracking possible?
Mostly so, yes? Most often shipments are sent by the Global Express service (it is a service of Poczta Polska). Unfortunately, not all of you provide this service. Then the package is sent by standard mail, which does not offer tracking outside the territory of Poland.

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