Tertius Model – honey


All length: ~149mm
Length without cup: ~135mm
Cup length: ~70mm
Diameter: ~15mm
Section diameter: ~13mm
All dimensions are approximate.
If you want to know the exact dimensions, write an e-mail.

Bock nib #6: EF, F, M, B
To select a nib, enter EF, F, M or B
in the comments field when ordering.

Out of stock

The waiting time for the pen to be shipped can be up to 14 days.


Six facets fountain pen. Made entairly of ebonite.

The fountain pen is equipped with an international ink converter with a nib and tip No. 6 by Bock.

Important note!
When making a pen, I make every effort to ensure that the facets are parallel when the cap is screwed on, but this may change over time.

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