RingPen two colors


All length: 160mm
Length of body: 40mm
Length of foot: 17mm
Materials: brass, black ebony wood, white resin
Thinnest part of body: 12mm – 13mm
Widest part of body: 17mm
Typ : oblique pen holder

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The waiting time for the pen to be shipped can be up to 14 days.


Hand-made calligraphic pen. A perfect combination of metal and wood or resin. I use brass, copper, stainless steel or aluminum for my projects. When I use wood, it is usually a rosewood. In the case of resins, they are self-made materials. In the case of this pen it is a combination of rosewood and brass, which was placed in the central part as a ring.

When designing my pens, I devoted a lot of attention to make them not only beautiful. It was also extremely important that they were very well balanced and comfortable in the hand.

I am pleased to admit that it has succeeded and this is not just my opinion. Very many experienced calligraphers have expressed admiration for a very good weight distribution in my pennies.

In the case of straight pen holders, which I named Dragonflies, we can say about almost 100% matching the weight and convenience to the needs of users. The name Dragonfly comes from the opinion of one of the buyers, who said that the pen is like a dragonfly: it seems to be heavy, and in fact it is agile, slender and noble.

Divine proportion – FiboPen
When designing my penny, I used divisions known for ages. The golden division, because of it, was an important assumption during the creation of FiboPens.

The name FiboPen comes from the Fibbonate String. This sequence expresses the natural ratio of the next one to its predecessor. This is also the case with FiboPens. The ratio of the metal part to its body reflects the idea of ​​divine division.

Lead time approx 1-2 weeks.

Best for Nikko G nib (other nibs may need to be adjusted by slightly flanging the flange).

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