RingPen particles


All length: 160mm
Length of body: 40mm
Length of foot: 17mm
Materials: brass, rosewood
Thinnest part of body: 12mm – 13mm
Widest part of body: 17mm
Typ : oblique pen holder

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Calligraphy tool, oblique pen holder, calligraphy pen, dip pen, calligraphy holder, oblique pen, calligraphy accessories, nib holder – best for a gift for calligraphy lover.

This oblique penholder for beginners and practicing calligraphers is made of rosewood. In the middle part a particles brass accent ring was placed.

Finish of this holder is CA – high glossy. This technique preserves the color and texture of the wood.

The flange is made from brass.

This oblique pen holder comes to you in a ecological gift box and can be a excellent gift for friend or someone else, who is calligraphy enthusiast.

Best for Nikko G nib (other nibs may need to be adjusted by slightly flanging the flange).

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