RingPen – premium


All length: 160mm
Length of body: 40mm
Length of foot: 17mm
Materials: brass, rosewood
Thinnest part of body: 12mm – 13mm
Widest part of body: 17mm
Typ : oblique pen holder

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Traditional RingPen in a new version – premium. The body / foot of the pen is made of stabilized maple.

The ring is traditionally made of brass. The tail of the pen is ebony.
All covered with a shiny CA layer.
The pen is perfectly balanced, it fits perfectly in the hand.


In all my oblique pens, the flange to which the nibs are attached is permanently attached to the pen and it is not possible to remove this element. Forcibly removing the element damages the pen. Flange is most often prepared for G nibs, e.g. Nikko G, but Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal will be suitable. Of course, you can write in the notes to the order that you want your flange to be compatible with other nibs.

Perhaps you also want a bullock flange – then please contact me, this type of solution will increase the price of the pen by about 5 Euro.

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