FiboPen + DragonFly



Set of two calligraphy pens. Known and liked by many FiboPen (oblique pen holder) and a DragonFly (straight pen holder). Cheaper in set – by 10%

FiboPen is a pen holder that was created by combining rosewood wood and a brass tail. It is well balanced and fits perfectly in the hand. Its length is 160mm and the weight is approximately 25grams.

DragonFly is an equally famous pen. Also made of brass and rosewood. It is perfectly balanced. It holds your hand very well, which makes writing a real pleasure.

Additionally, it is equipped with a proprietary nib mounting system. It is stainless and looks great. Additionally, if you decide to use a standard ferrule – no problem, it is included in the kit and can be used interchangeably.

When you buy a set of pens, you will pay 10% cheaper. I would recommend.

Oblique pen hoder is made to fit the Zebra G nib. Nibs and other decorative items are not shipped.

As all my products are handmade, they may vary in sizes and colors.

In all my oblique pens, the flange to which the nibs are attached is permanently attached to the pen and it is not possible to remove this element. Forcibly removing the element damages the pen. Flange is most often prepared for G nibs, e.g. Nikko G, but Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal will be suitable. Of course, you can write in the notes to the order that you want your flange to be compatible with other nibs.

Perhaps you also want a bullock flange – then please contact me, this type of solution will increase the price of the pen by about 5 Euro.

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