Express yourself - ruling pen.

Give 100% – express yourself fully expressively. Do you want to splash ink on a sheet of paper? Why not? Do it! Do it now! Take a look at our latest ideas for expressing yourself in calligraphy.

We have prepared for you two quite different ruling pen models. Read more about them.

Ruling Pen - MadCap

Carefully made of a combination of rosewood and metal.
It gives great joy of use. Its crazy shape makes quick ink strokes splash the ink in different directions.

However, this does not mean that you cannot write gently in a delicate and balanced way.

It is an ideal tool for crazy and expressive texts. It gives so much joy that it is impossible to stop writing it.

Ruling pen - CalmBoy

Ruling pen equipped with two different edges. It is thanks to them that you can write completely different lines. One extremely thick, the other much thinner.

He’s not as crazy as MadCap, but don’t be fooled by his stoic peace. He is able to make crazy letters from himself.

Anyway. See for yourself how easy it is to calligraphy.

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