Calligraphy pen holders

It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to my writing instruments. The regular offer includes eight pen holders.

They were all made with attention to the smallest details. They are all well balanced and fit perfectly in the hand.

Describing them, I cannot ignore the fact that their development took many months and numerous attempts. In addition, they were all positively evaluated by leading Polish calligraphers.

FiboPen - Oblique pen holders

Spencerian, English italics (copperplate) or even modern calligraphy. It is impossible to use these styles of writing without oblique pen holder.

I have at your disposal 3 holders that are made according to the idea of the golden ratio. We are talking about FiboPen. Penholder that fits perfectly in your hand. FiboPen writing is the quintessence of calligraphy. Pure pleasure. This pen is quite heavy, although still very well balanced, thanks to which it does not strain your hands after prolonged use.

Dragonfly - Straight pen holders

Italic, uncial or gothic – if you want to write in these typefaces you should get a classic, simple pen holder.

Here, I also offer 3 pen holders that are perfectly balanced. They are great in the hand, providing some freedom of movement. The Dragonfly model has been thoroughly tested by experienced calligraphers. Each of them agreed that this is one of the best pen holders that he had the opportunity to write.

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